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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 50
12/29/06 01:02 AM

Far be it from me to interrupt everyone's holiday, but it's been a long time and I've finally gotten through the line at the post office!

Little known fact: this is actually a still from the original video for Fashion, the concept being a sort of Scary Monster on Ice type of deal that would extend to the concert venue...unfortunately it didn't pan out - and I learned all that choreography for nothing!

Seriously, I'm sure plenty are wondering how we're spending the holidays. I'll admit that RVs don't offer the comforts of home (luckily we got the delux edition with the fireplace and roasted chestnuts and all included). At the moment we're in Canada at the Rideau Canal, otherwise known as the world's largest skating rink!

Of course I have the Yellow by Bowie (tm) llama wool scarf and mittens (THE accessory of the winter months!) to keep everything toasty and I'm sporting the skates, er boots, that were recently auctioned off! If you don't believe me, just check the signature (it's the only way I can be sure to remember which skates are mine). I just had to get one last spin in them in before I removed the blades (talk about a pain to mail otherwise...). It was hard to part with them, but it was all for a good cause. And maybe I'll just break out the ol' platforms for these leftover blades...who knows, I still have some time left before the next Olympics (and judging by the picture it looks like I may need every minute of it)

At any rate, a glorious holiday to you and yours and a majestic, effervescent new year! (between this and the audio card I bet you can't guess that I got a shiny new thesaurus for Christmas!)

I'll be around soon*! Until then take care!

* soon in the postcards from sailor/journal entry soon context.

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