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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 51
(The Triumphant Return...)

04/03/07 01:44 AM

FIt's happened. Just when we thought life couldn't get any brighter...I've been asked to be curator for another festival. It's great luck and I'm feeling like the cat's whiskers to be included. The full details haven't been released yet, but I can safely say that it's as different from Highline as you can get - mostly because it's in Australia. Having fond memories of the place, myself, I decided to accept the offer mainly because it takes care of a lot with one throw. (How else could I continue my travels and get some work in at the same time?)

So I present to you the Lowline Festival! What is Lowline? For those who aren't in the know, Lowline Industries are a very hip Australian company that cater to all your caravanning needs be it campers, pop-tops...well you can see for yourself:

As you can see from the pic we traded in the RV for a pop-top model...very breezy, but the llamas seem to like it, as Floyd clearly shows. As to what I'm doing in the photo - let's just say it made sense to move my own performance to Lowline just because it seemed fitting. Where else could I get away with a mime tribute to the entire album of Low? (Judging by the photo that move is either from Breaking Glass or A New Career In a New Town, it's hard to say which). I just couldn't turn it down and I'm stoked to see what everyone thinks.

Glad to be back and around the boards again - you wouldn't believe the connection some of these campsites get! Also thinking of renaming this little segment...Postcards: the second generation sounds pretty with it and not too Star Trek, yea?

And as to why I'm not sending this from my own ID...we'll just let Clever explain that, won't we? And while she's at it she can explain what took her and Steph so long to put this up, as I sent it to her in January...always on time as usual, I see.

Take care and behave, everyone. You just never know when I'll pop up again!

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