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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 49
11/09/06 11:24 PM

You all know what I've been keeping myself busy with lately, but as usual that's not the full story. Between everything that's been in the news I've been working on putting together the tour...

No, not that tour. As we were meandering out of Death Valley and were needing a place to take our rest what should we find but the world's largest chair! Quite convenient.

Apparently it's on tour at the moment in order to celebrate the manufacturer's centenniel, so I thought I could provide the opening act since I am a member of the International Roadside Attraction Appreciation Society and Giant Furniture Guild.* Look for us on the road until we end up in Virginia. A dual act with the World's Largest Ball of Twine seems necessary, and we're also trying to get Moby to come on board, but you never know how these things turn out. We may not even make it to Virginia, depending on artistic differences (one never knows how these grove park mission style pieces take to the schedule, and it would look good in the living room...)

As you can see, we're having a lovely time and Floyd is quite taken with the layers of solid ash and the fiberglass seat. I may have to comission one of these for the llama farm. Or have llamas bungee jump off The Chair in the stage show.

Altogether a great trip so far. We're all feeling great (I swear the desert air is therapeutic..makes me feel years younger - or is that the Mesmer effect?). Getting a lot done, too. Have far more time to work on writing these postcards (if someone would check her mailbox), which is why the journal entries have been a little slim lately, you know how it goes.

So the 'Thousand RV Tour' continues on to...who can say?

Hope everyone who can make it enjoys the performance tonight (sadly The Chair had other engagements and couldn't come) and that everyone else is taking care!

Til next time...

Disclaimer: Postcards from Sailor is not associated with proper, or the man himself which is why these posts are so ungodly long and tend to ramble. There is a world's largest chair on tour but it also has nothing to do with David Bowie or his family, Moby, or llamas. All information and streaming video on the world's largest chair tour can be found at
No money is made off of the postcards from sailor series - we just apparently have nothing better to do with our evenings. We are also not associated with The Chair (I'm guessing that's his stage name...kind of like Prince) and make no money from any association with The Chair. Void where prohibited.

* There is no guild, apparently the author revels in making things up.



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