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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 48
09/22/06 01:13 AM

Lots of planning going on for Highline, as you can imagine. And there is no better way to plan a festival than to go on a cross-country road trip! There's just something about the vast open highway and the rumble of an RV that inspires creativity and concentration, almost to a zen extent - probably the fumes from the exhaust.

We decided to kick off our trip at Death Valley for sentimental reasons. We were all looking forward to Darwin Falls, Ubehebe Crater, and especially the mysterious sliding rocks on the racetrack. No one has ever seen these things in motion, though apparently they're migrating somewhere (probably Highline. At their speed, it's bound to take time.) Now you're not supposed to interfere with the rocks' path of motion, though if one should end up a stowaway, well, who am I to turn it down? First on our tour, though, was the Wild Rose Canyon Road and all it's options, like the charcoal kilns and Skidoo.

As usual, not planning ahead diminished our options and put us in a rather interesting situation. Being a natural attraction nothing was closed this time around, but we neglected the blurb that mentioned that the road was not advisable for larger vehicles. Likewise, we apparently misinterpreted what was meant by 'dress appropriately,' as you can plainly tell in the pics. I blame Shorty Harris and Pete Aguereberry, but that's another story. Thankfully Ranger Maury came along and was able to get the RV running in a cat's whisker.

<- Posing with the local wildlife.

So where will the next postcard find us? Maybe the Prehistoric Museum in Richfield Springs, NY, perhaps the Mastodon National Park in Missiouri, though my preference would be on the world's largest ball of twine in Kansas.At any rate, another postcard will be up soon (hopefully sooner than four months, ahem....) In the meantime, hang onto yourselves and take care!

Disclaimer: Postcards from Sailor is not associated with the real David Bowie or bowienet proper in any way, nor is any money gained (sadly) from the production of these postcards. They are intended as a source of humor (or something like it) only. No Sailors or members of their families were hurt, lost, forced to ride in an RV, or otherwise traumatized by the writing of this postcard (unless they by chance happen to read it, then all bets are off). Death Valley is an actual place and all of the nifty information presented within was gleaned from the website. Void where prohibited because we feel like it.


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