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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 47
08/14/06 10:12 PM

Is it? It IS! Postcards from Sailor - edition 47! Finally! First off, my apologies...I actually had this thing written quite a long time ago, but someone seemed to have taken a hiatus without telling me...I was almost tempted to rename this thing 'postcards from clever!'

Anyway, as a very brief update on a very long's been a lovely summer with lots of behind-the-scenes activity. You've seen the latest, obviously, so I won't rehash that. Instead I've chosen one of our vacation photos to show off the new addition to the Bowie Llama Ranch(tm)!

I tested this model at a recent log flume convention and it won me over immediately. We thought about one for at home, but I suppose that really isn't practical given how much the water bill would go up (which is probably why I'm so grumpy in the think all the fun to be had and I can't have it right beside the coffee table!)

Floyd and the others are sure to get in their exercise (and a bath), and have a good deal of fun out at Glenn Tonche - that is if we ever let them have a turn!

So that ends the 'what I did on the summer vacation' bit...hope everyone is staying cool and having a good time!

And as a bit of self-promotion...j_lope has put together a wonderful site that archives all of the past postcards! Check it out and take a trip down memory lane! (And be sure to check out the site in general - it's the cat's whiskers!) ;-)



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