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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 46
04/19/06 11:37 PM

Well, it's been such a long time since I last sent my regards! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! As you can see from my latest business venture, spring has definitely, ahem...sprung.

Actually I wanted to clear up all of those rumors regarding the talk of my contributing to a burlesque club with Sting. He can keep his venture, though it did give me a bit of an idea. As I'm sure most of you are aware, I do tend to appeal to women...and while I appreciate the sentiment, sometimes it is rather hard to do the mundane. It seems I can't go to the store, the studio, the llama farm, or the mime shop without someone following me. So I present "Savage Men" (tm) as the alternative! They dance, they gyrate...I've even had them go through an intensive carnal mime program to give an almost but not quite Bowie experience. See them dance to Let's Dance, see them shake it to Shake it, see them take it off to Fashion!

I'm even considering investing in a caseload of pants made from the same pattern as that much-admired pair in Labyrinth as an extra incentive to back away from the charming fellow in the trench coat. Though apparently Steph thinks that's hot...and it is...literally.

So until next time I'll be checking on my investment, making sure the walls of the place are painted, the music is up to par, the poles are greased... poles are...never mind. At any rate, take care and I'll

be in touch soon!


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