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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 28
08/12/05 10:45 PM

Twenty-eight weeks into my adventure (has it really been that long?) and I just couldn't stay away from everyone any longer. That's right, I finally broke down and snuck into the Montreal meetup...and no one even noticed! Though to be fair I had a wonderful disguise...who would have thought I'd go as me from way back in the eighties? It was a fantastic evening, great music, great company (even if I sat poised in the corner most of the time..) We'll definitely have to do it again soon.

My apologies for this being so very late. We've been preparing for the eighth of September while I'm heading off to...well we'll just leave that for next week

take care everyone and keep your eyes open!


(picture due to privacy reasons a little bit changed by bowiefun ;-))




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