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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 27
08/03/05 11:13 PM

So stoked about the Fashion Rocks performance. As you can see I'm already trying to decide what to wear! Thought I might take a cue from the old days and go back to the Sears Roebuck standard. I even found one of my old catalogues hiding in the bottom of a closet, so the choice should be a snap! I'm also playing with the hair again, as you can see. My but this style takes me back to the days!

So what to wear is the issue this week. I could go casual with the jeans and jacket thing, dress a little nicer, or go over the top and wear a craftsman tool case or the like with the male stilletoes. Decisions, decisions.

So many pages and it's all so Sears-Roebucky.

I'll get to work on picking out an outfit and the rest of you stay good and be patient until the big day, yea?

Take care


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