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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 26
07/27/05 10:15 PM

And you thought the highway was busy during rush hour! We're in New Zealand this week, nipped over from our three or so weeks in Australia.

So what's the deal with the sheep, you ask? Am I selling out on my llama-wool line of sweaters? Hardly. Am I working to hide my current collaborators by making them appear for photographs only in sheep costumes? That sounds like something Clever would come up with.

No, the truth is that I was damn tired that afternoon, but couldn't quite get to sleep once I had settled down for my nap. The easiest remedy seemed to be counting sheep, but I didn't count on the sheep taking things literally! What a mess, took forever to sort out, especially with their union rules. I'll know to stick to warm milk and a good book before bed from now on.

I'm sure everyone's seen the news by now, so I won't harp on that...too much. I'm quite stoked about performing so soon, though I wish Blam would have mentioned something about the elephants...I haven't worked with them since the Diamond Dogs tour..(it didn't work out, we ended up forgetting that portion of the show. A pity, really, because the choreography was quite spectacular, not to mention their costumes).

Take care and stay cool everyone!


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