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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 25
07/19/05 10:11 PM

Yes, still down under for the the third week! I must confess, there is a strong pull that the place has on a person...the scenery, the climate, the teeth-

Or maybe that last bit is more about this charming fellow I'm posing with. This is Barnaby, and though he seems a little rough he's quite a lovely guy when he wants to be. I'm considering taking him home to keep the llamas at the ranch in line since they've seemed to have picked up so many bad habits lately...not folding the paper after reading it, eating ice cream from the carton, and the like.

I think he'll do the trick, though I'm not quite sure if I can find willing souls to look after llamas and a tasmanian devil wihle I'm globe-trotting.


He is quite a sweet guy though, at least when bribed with treats or the odd bare foot. Admittedly doing a remix of "Beauty and the Beast" while posing with this guy is also in the cards, but I'm still pondering that.

And no, the mesmer still hasn't worn off, yet. Damn long after-effects if you ask me!

Take care this week everyone!




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