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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 24
07/12/05 11:59 PM

Love the area so much I've decided to stay another week down under...not only in Australia but under this lovely banner, as well!

It's no secret that I'm inspired by Florence Foster Jenkins, and finally I'm able to share her talent with the public at large. I've been working with Sydney's Opera House to sponsor a mass listening of her old recordings, a Florence Foster Jenkins Appreciation Society if you will!

Admittedly a lot of patrons are finding her a bit to get used to, but I'm sure they'll warm up to her music soon enough. And if they don't like that, there's always the visual element involving the banners, a photo exhibition, and a laser show! It's an exciting time for the opera community and as you can see I'm a-glow with excitement (or is that just a prolonged effect of Mesmer?)

Hope everyone is doing well and treating each other kindly. My heartfelt wishes to those in London. Nothing I can say can ever describe such a tragedy, but my thoughts are with you all. I'd have written sooner on this but as you can tell I haven't had a moment away from this project.

Take care and I'll check in next week!


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