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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 23
07/07/05 11:08 PM

It seems late to be Monday again, though I know there were good reasons. Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th if you celebrate.

So we're Down Under at the moment. Down under what? All your answers on a postcard...though not this one, it's a bit crowded as it is.

We hit the zoo, me a little more literally than the other tourists. Unfortunately some of those kangaroos get rather agressive after being stared at all day long. Lucky thing I had my boxing gloves with me, though I didn't know that I was dealing with the Australian Marsupial Boxing Champ! Bit of a sticky situation, that, but I managed to squeak out a victory in the end. Thankfully that one won't end up on pay per view.

Though I am negotiating to have him appear in my next video. I mean a boxing kangaroo...that's almost as good as the jackallamalope!

Stay safe everyone! (Don't make me send you a helmet, clever). Have a great rest of the week and I'll try to be more prompt with my next letter.

Take care!


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