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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 22
06/29/05 10:46 PM

Hope everyone's heard the tidbit Blam posted in the news by now, because there's going to be a lot more where that came from! With all the theories about rent-a-cops and my hair, and whatever happened to 2. Contamination...I've decided to just skip over that one and go straight to number three.

As you can see by the cover art, this is the very tense conclusion to the series, where Nathan Adler has to save the world from a very subversive group of beat poets (They actually came in on 2, but since we're skipping it, it doesn't really make a difference, does it?)

So it's a race against time to save the world and artistic merit..from being merely contaminated to getting...

3. Rather Messy. Looks a little bit like an action blockbuster, yea? You should hear it...that's exactly what it is! An action blockbuster for the ears, education for the mind, a nuclear symphony all around. Kind of like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow meets William S. Burroughs. Popcorn is optional, of course.

Take care all, be good, I'll check in next week!


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