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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 21
06/24/05 11:19 PM

Well, this thing has reached the ripe age of twenty-one! Now it can go drinking with all the other themed posts without sneaking in! (In America, anyway...)

Note to self: always read the fine print! I had heard about this cruise around the Great Lakes, and being of the sailor variety I was quite keen on it. Of course, this picture was taken after five days of the trip, and as you can see I wasn't exactly dressed for it. Quite a rip-off...even had to do my own show if I wanted something to listen to!

Though from the way the boat was rocking, I can't say that I missed the buffet.

Though I have thought about doing an instrumental album about the experience. Could be interesting.

Hope everyone's vacations are going well, and I'll send something in for next week (that will hopefully actually get put up on Monday, Clever...)

Take care until next time!


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