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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 15
05/09/05 11:34 PM

Storm clouds gather over the Bowie Llama Ranch (tm) but look what I've stumbled upon! I was looking at property in India, if you remember, when lo and behold I turned a corner and came across this charming creature! He looked so lonely and in need of a good home that I just couldn't say no. Needless to say, adoption papers are in the works and he's now living the high life in NY. Not quite sure how exactly this guy came about (I'm not asking, he seems to like his privacy; never even talks about the phone ringing for him in the middle of the night..), but isn't he the cutest thing!

So a Jackallama? A Llamalope? A Jackallamalope! Personally, I just call him Charlie. He's quite the card shark and plays a mean tamborine, so look for that on the rerelease of "Llama and Well." I wasn't going to, but some of the new additions to the ranch had some major pipes on them, so it would be ridiculous not to include them.

Stay well everyone and I'll check in next week!


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