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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 14
05/04/05 11:38 PM

It seems rather late in the week to be Monday, doesn't it? I did mean to send this sooner, but I've been so busy looking at property ever since the Wales incident. Of course we have the biodome on the moon, but that place is quite far away from the studio, makes a hell of a commute.

This is a little place we've been considering for some time now. Contrary to popular belief this isn't actually in Vegas but in India. Quite nice and will look lovely with some new curtains, I'm sure. The view by the pool in the picture is especially nice, a very grand place for contemplation or water-skiiing. We're still looking, though, so stay tuned!

And from what I've noticed...Steph, are those new postage marks in the signatures? You've really gone high-class with this project, haven't you! (Better not be putting any of those sweaters up for auction, you know how I feel about that...)

Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the summer holidays! Take care until next time!


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