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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 16
05/19/05 11:24 PM

Wow, Monday seems to come later and later every week, yea?

My apologies for my tardiness, but I've been reveling in my new hobby as you can see from the picture. It's an experimental new concept, so I had to go straight to the city where it originated to learn it properly. So here I am in my first ground-sailing lesson!

What is ground-sailing, one may ask. It's similar to skydiving except one glides across the ground using high winds and a very large coat as a sail instead of a parachute. Quite invigorating, as you can see by the expression on my face! Just can't get enough of it! Lucky for me the Chicago chapter is a trendy lot.

It really is an inspiring sport, especially if you see a large group of about twenty ground-sailors careening across an open space of land. Truly a sight to see.

Take care everyone, and to steal the line from Levar Burton - "I'll see you next time!"


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