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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 13
04/25/05 09:32 PM

Well fly me to the moon...literally! As many people know, yesterday was a special date on the calendar for myself and the wife. In honor of the occasion we decided to do something completely new and special and bought a biosphere on the moon. (So now you and you alone will know where I'm at when I seem to drop off the face of the planet!) Since this is week thirteen of this little series, I decided to go for broke and have clever put up not one, not two, but three whole pictures of our little corner of the moon.

Here we are right after arrival and don't we look like the cat's whiskers! It's quite a nice area, very spacious (and spacey). A certain orange muppet may not have wanted to live on the moon, but it's quite cozy, very quiet and peaceful as you can see. Quite a lovely view of everything back home, as well


Now this, this is our little living quarters and family car while we're up here.

Very new-age, if I do say so myself. As you can tell, the atmosphere even inside the biosphere dome is a little shakey, which explains the vague outline we can't seem to get rid for why our feet have seemed to dissipated...I blame the lack of gravity.

Or maybe I've always been light on my feet! We're thinking of putting in a garden right where we're standing, though I'm not quite sure what my preference is yet. Suggestions?


Here we are on our first day-trip out on the moon where we chose to visit the site of the moon landing that's still in tact after all those years. Quite moving. Maybe I'll write a song about it...or maybe I'll just enjoy the view!

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. Hope you're taking care of yourselves and I'll get back in touch with what's going on next week!






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