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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 12
04/18/05 09:54 PM

"So what's this about Wales? How's the setup in Wales?"

I wouldn't know, honestly. Seems the course we took to check this idea out stemmed from a misunderstood conversation...apparently someone thought I was interested in WELLS!! So this week we find ourselves up north in iceberg territory, which apparently fills elitist wells the world over. I kid you can't really see the territorial signs in the pictures, but there are Dasani icebergs, Aquafina icebergs, and of course Evian. The smaller icebergs are usually reserved for generic store brands, or so I'm told.

The photo was taken when I went to tour the iceberg fields (let clever_clever get a hold of that tidbit and I'm sure I'll read that my next tour will involve icebergs or some nonsense!). Damn cold, as you can tell from the way my hair was frozen solid to the top of my head. The debonair expression is a good cover for the fact that my face was frozen like that after twenty minutes!

So did I purchase an iceberg? Of course, how could I pass up a Bowie 'berg (tm)! It will be wonderful come summer at the Llama Ranch (formerly Glen Tonche, if you recall). Will provide about ten billion snowcones for all those overheated llamas.

A big congratulations goes to the winners of that marvelous Dear David contest that ended a few nights ago...Very nice work j_lope and seven7!

And as always, hope everyone is well while I'm away. Take care and be good!


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