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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 9
03/29/05 12:49 AM

It must be a long weekend, holidays and all that. Forgive the late status, but you know how it goes. People to see, llamas to rescue...come again?

You see, now that we're in Peru (lovely up here, truly beautiful) I've been listening to reports that because of drastic climate changes, the llama population is in a bit of a bind. Obviously I couldn't let this happen, so I've started the "David Bowie Save the Llamas Foundation." They're all going to be Fed-ex'd to the ranch (previously known as Glen Tonche) and cared for accordingly. Will make fab editions to our stock for the sweater line, though we definitely want to do our part for the llama community. So for only fifty cents a day you too can adopt a Bowie Ranch (tm) Llama! For only fifty little cents, two quarters if you will, you can provide food, shelter, and medicine for your adopted llama! Not to mention the movie rentals, sweaters and bows for their ears, and popcorn funds! (clever, I'm blaming you for getting them hooked on Labyrinth...)

So what do I get in return, you may ask...well you'll receive a picture of your llama, a copy of the new cd "Llama and well," a monthly letter of correspondence from your llama (sadly we're still working on our literacy program so this may take some time) and news of their homeland, itself. What a bargain! You too can have an adopted llama, just like this charming chap I'm with here. Named this one Floyd and it seems to suit him well.

At any rate, hope all of you had a lovely Easter. We will tell all the llamas you send your best, as I'm sure you do!


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