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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 10
04/05/05 12:06 AM

So then, Blammo decided to use the new product for his little April first hijinks did he? Typical Blam...if he only would have waited...

But for site peeps only I'll spill the real story. To understand you have to know that the wife gave me my own lab for Christmas (presumably for those really gritty art projects. I'm still getting yelled at for leaving my paints everywhere. Pants, too).

So I decided to forego working on the new album to do the mad scientist bit...and ended up coming up with this amazing new product: Mesmer. As you can see from the pic, that was version 1.0...It started off as me trying to make BowieGlowSticks (tm) to go with the new album. (I was flirting with the whole rave scene, don't ask) Though it had a few really odd side effects, including a pleasant smell, as well as the ability to produce speech balloons for whoever's near it (hence the caption in the pic. It still hasn't worn off, I'm beginning to get really strange looks when I go out...maybe it's time to start the mime thing up again.) Next time when I ask for a lab I'll make it the retriever variety, though I do find the radiation suits quite fetching (look for those in the online store soon!)

At any rate, Blam got hooked on the smell and turned it into the perfume idea. To be honest, I thought of it, but the side of the effects of the perfume (version 2.0) were even worse than speech balloons...and lets just leave it at that.

Ah, Mesmer. Maybe I'll just give one of the llamas that name and be done with it.

Nice to see everyone staying busy...stay well and I'll be in touch!


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