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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 43
01/24/06 10:51 PM

My apologies that this is so late; looks like this will be rather old news by now. For the first time since we've been doing these things, I've actually had to be the one to track clever down. Sadly, geography isn't always my strong suit, at least not in the exotic realm of Middle America. But here is the new postcard at last! (And for all you smart people who are asking why I just didn't put it up in the journal...just you wait until I find my password...)

So I'm to receive the Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Grammies! It's terribly exciting, even if I do already own one. It's a bit of a confession, but I do actually collect awards, especially if they're not mine. I have a whole slew of them on my desk; they make the most fantastic paper weights and conversation starters. I have the Grammy already, about twelve Emmys, four Tonies, an Oscar here or there...I think the Nobel Prize is actually in the curio and I may have the odd CMA award if I'm remembering right.

At any rate this will be a welcome addition - mostly because this one won't involve plucking it off a table when no one's looking! I hope you're as excited as I am!

Hard to believe we're coming close to a year of these things...we'll have to do something to make week 52 stand out, right steph and clever?

Hope you're all enjoying yourselves and staying happy and healthy. Take care until next week!




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