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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 2
02/08/05 11:20 PM

Had the bug put in my ear that peeps are wondering where I am. This week: Safari. Well, first a quick dash to the llama farm (apparently certain arrangements to make sure they get their 3 a day fell through) and then caught the Arcade Fire show since I was in the area. (didn't bring the llamas, though. Past their bedtime.)

It's a little-known secret that I found great inspiration in the Tarzan books as a boy, so I'm following my lifelong dream to be Bowie of the Animals, so to speak. The outfit is by Alexander McQueen (you know him as the guy who helped design the union jack coat)

So, does the photo mean I'm getting back into jungle music or are these just new collaborators? You'll just have to wait and see...



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