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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 17
05/25/05 10:39 PM

late again! Clever, you do remember that Monday comes at the beginning of the week, right? Perhaps it's time to relinquish those pretzel sandwiches....

Anyway, I'm actually /not/ looking at new property at the moment. (Which you can see because I'm facing away from it! snigger). This little place was actually a fixer-upper the wife and I have had for years, and have finally decided to let it go (After the property boon, of course.). Sadly, this lovely little getaway (really more of a summer home for the winter time, obviously) was sold for a song. A folk song, actually, with a lovely bit of violin and stylophone in it, which I actually am not miming in the picture...seems I did too much ground-sailing and my arms still haven't regained the ability to move yet. Time and patience, though, and all that.

Hope everyone's doing well on this lovely Monday (get a calendar, Clever)! See you next week!


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