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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 6
03/07/05 11:13 PM

So we have arrived! 'Where?' you might well ask. Why at the top, of course! (snigger)

We're taking time to hike through the beautiful Alps, in authentic costumes and all. It gave me the brief inkling to start the Bowie Family Singers, but Iman insisted that I had watched the 'Sound of Music' once too often and it was time to come down off the mountain.

But the high altitude has given me the idea for the ever-elusive next project. You all know I've kicked around the list of covers that I'd like to do for a while, but I've always shied away from something that I really feel I'd have the knack for. But no more! I'm going to do a cover album exclusively of Florence Foster Jenkins songs, crossing her vocal style with some of the things you heard on the last album. The results should be thrilling, unlike anything you've heard before (and with good reason!) If you don't know of Florence Foster Jenkins, now there's quite a story...sadly there's only so much room on the postcard! Take care till next week, all!



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