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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 40
12/02/05 12:27 AM

So now that you've heard about the movies...what, Blam didn't fill you in on the epic historical film I'm doing on Houdini?

I've been in a magical mood lately, so much that as research for both films I decided to study the tricks of the trade and put together my own act: The Great Bow-ini....or something, haven't quite worked that out yet. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful show filled with pyrotechnics, dancers, animals..

Animals, yeah. Apparently my "lovely assistant" (you remember the jackallamalope, yeah?) decided to go rogue during my hat trick number. Difference of opinions, apparently he wanted a bigger dressing room and top billing, that type of thing. At any rate I had /just/ pulled him out of the hat when he took off...rotten luck, ruined the whole show.

Not only that but I'm starting to miss the little guy (and he stole half my wardrobe) if anyone's seen him, send him my way?

Hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all sorts of good stuff to be thankful for.

Until next time, take care!




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