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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 4
02/21/05 01:05 AM

So it's away from the Nile and off to Europe for a tour of various castles. I've always been enchanted by the architecture, and couldn't resist joining a re-enactment club to really get the feel of the times (sadly, the costume I ordered was a size too big, MUST do something so the helmet doesn't swivel on me anymore). Iman got into the act, too (rightly became tired of taking all the pictures)

While participating, we got the hint that the Dutch journalist that made off with my Octobriana jacket in 1973 was actually a charter member of a rival club! So we went to battle, swords and axes at the ready! Sadly, my pent-up grumpiness took hold and I got a little carried away, hence the fire. And so it goes, so close. I'd love to track her down, go incognito as a knight, but Iman rightly reminded me that we're on vacation and there are other places to be. And who wants to cart around all the chainmail, anyway?

Thanks to those that have missed me, we'll continue to keep you updated of our travels.


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