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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 38
11/13/05 11:29 PM

As always it's been a rush to get this out on time, so I'm sorry for just barely making the deadline! You know how the time difference is when there are thirteen hours to deal with...

I'm guessing some of you have heard the talk of the Jareth figure slated for 2006 release...well I can offer you the inside scoop, as always!

Originally we were going to go with a life-sized version but decided that with the fanbase that could get rather... interesting fairly quick. So while that didn't pan out I do have the exclusive prototype shots of the thing (where the one existing life-size figure is, I'll never tell!)

Unfortunately we couldn't get Jennifer Connelly for the advert, but thankfully we found the next best thing (hope you don't mind, clever, steph sent me the picture and said it would be alright with you...I just couldn't resist when I saw it and this way we saved a bit of money so the doll could look its best - you understand!)

Isn't it wonderful how realistic it looks? And the doll doesn't look that bad, either! Unfortunately at this point there are no plans to release the corresponding Clever figurine (snigger) and the backdrop will be an additional fee (Thankfully that isn't life-sized, either, or else postage would be hell).

So no life-size figure but I'm sure you'll agree that the advert was worth that experiment, nevertheless!


(picture due to privacy reasons a little bit changed by bowiefun)





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