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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 37
11/05/05 09:09 PM

It's one of those weeks where Monday seems to come very late, isn't it? Or it could be the amazing time delay from where I'm at right now...

I have my timeshare on the moon, of course, but I decided it was time to expand a bit, so here I am on Mars! So what interest could I possibly have here? Am I taking sending my music into space one step further? Perhaps. Or maybe the new album will be a full musical version of the Martian Chronicles. All I can say is the accoustics are wonderful up here, and the atmosphere makes me feel practically rejuvinated! I feel like good old 1999!

At any rate I can at least say that there is, in fact, Life on!

I'll check in next week, you'll have to see where I've gotten to by then! Take care everyone!





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