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Postcards from Sailor - Edition 35
10/19/05 10:53 PM

I'm absolutely gutted this is so incredibly late. I could blame the accident-prone one (ahem), but the truth is I've gotten so into my work I did indeed go a little overboard. You see, I did do the past few postcards but they obviously didn't get posted because they were done in the Internet equivalent of mime and...never mind.

It was fairly inevitable, I suppose. Every time I go on with new material the old stuff always comes back at me, begging for attention. So I decided that there was still more I could do with "Let's Dance." I've reworked it in various forms, but it was still lacking a certain...nuance. And then it came to me: why not a mime version! It's easy on the band, obviously good as a video/art piece, and has never been done before (and probably with good reason!)

So here I am working on that with a little help from Garson during one of the dance breaks (It truly has to be seen in full sequence to be believed). If I look a little apprehensive, well can you blame me? Come on, Let's Mime!

So, busy as usual! Take care as always, everyone, and I promise I'll be better about getting the next postcard to you in a timely fashion! ( that begs to be Mimed, hrm...)




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