Bo moves in

One day it was walking through the opened housedoor!
Look at this cute little creature...!

It could not remember his full name! It was thinking...and seemed to be irritated, that anybody wanted to know a "name" - as if it would not really know, for what a "name" is good for...
"Bo..." it said, as if there was a lack of memory in his little head. And it could not find anything more...
I did not want to bother the poor little thing and decided to be happy with "Bo".

It was funny.... the little man did not know anything about the simplest things of life and the world... (and he liked the cherries very much...)

But he seemed to know a lot about arts and culture and never stopped talking...
(and he loved to sit on the remote control!)

In the beginning we put the little guy in this old bunnycage at night - or when no one else was at home. We were not sure, if it could have been dangerous to leave him alone?

...and we also did not know, if he and the cat would get well along together!

But he was not happy with that. He told me, he needs freedom and an own house with an own entrance.
This little creature knew exactly, what it wants!
And so we built him a little house in the garden. A beautiful house in mansion-style. It had broadband-connection for the internet and a marmoreal bathroom...

Little Bo happily moved in.

--stay tuned for more adventures of Little Bo!--

*the germans might know that already.... Little Bo's
adventures appeared last year on the german mb