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The big Bowie conspiracy                                 read all about it!

We all know! Nearly every famous Rockstar of the last 30 years was in in some way in contact with David Bowie: Arcade Fire, Placebo, Kashmir, the Dandy Warhols, Kristeen Young, Queen, Iggy Pop, Tina Turner, Amanda Lear, Lulu, Mott the Hoople, Trent Reznor, the Pixies, Lou Reed, John Lennon... Seems, the list is endless…
Read all about it, how David Bowie secretly ruled the world of Rockmusic! And still he is drawing the lines:
"Dance star GOLDIE credits DAVID BOWIE with pulling him out of a creative rut and
encouraging him to release his first album in seven years.... " *)

And here we see Bowie kissing Bono! And? Who won all the Grammys in 2006?
That Bowie himself just got a tacky lifetime award was part of the plan.

Of course there are some party-poopers like Morrissey and Paul Weller… but who cares.

There is much more to reveal!
Such as:

  • rockmusic before and after Rosswell – the year of 1947
  • Sailor's secret submarine base on Mustique island
  • ruins of a secret tunnel system beneath Haddon Hall
  • did Bowie prepare the fall of the wall in Berlin?
  • secret meetings in the Transsibirian Express
  • world touring as pretence for secret missions
  • who was really on the moon?
  • and who killed Baby Grace?
  • Heathen - the death rays!
  • the Tunguska-Wyoming-connection
  • musicvideos as clandestine communication system in the 80ties
  • internet and mind control - an army of Manchurian b-net-sleepers waiting for instructions
  • where is Aleister Crowley's uniform? And who designed it? - Bowie's cardboard boxes revisited
  • reversal of earth's magnetic field caused by Bowie's Kirlian Aura
  • a spider's web - blueprint for world domination
  • clever marriage to disable the clash of civilisations
  • mystery of eternal youth from a cabbalistic view point
  • energy emanation at Bowieshows - how to build a collector (manual included)
  • how Bowiebonds rule the military-industrial-complex at the stock market
  • US-Astronaut Major Tom abducted from aliens
  • Bowie-shaped crop circles --- see here!
  • something in the air - Nazi-Ufos at Victoria Station
  • Bowie-Diaries discovered!
  • Siegfried Stardust, the big unknown
  • 9/11 – a case of forced resonance?
  • the harzardous impact of cut-up-technique applied to pants
  • Weishaupt = White Duke?
  • Jackalope = Baphomet?
  • Bowie and the occult - read all what you have not yet read!
  • intelligent design and David Bowie - who was first?
  • the secret cult of the Bohemian Lope...